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Personalised Santa Visit!

Santa has decided that instead of coming to visit the children of Kent, he will stay back at his workshop to make sure that everyone gets an extra present at Christmas, to say well done for making it through a very strange and difficult year! Even though he is extra busy, he has decided to do some video calls instead of visits!

This is a completely personalised video call via Whatsapp...
Santa will send you instructions prior to your phonecall about how to add him as a contact on your phone. At your deisred time and date, Santa will call you and speak with between 1-4 children for a maximum of 10 minutes in total, to go through all the information that he knows about them (provided by the parent on booking) and then deciding whether they are on the good list, or the naughty list (SPOILER, everyone is on the good list, but there is always somewhay that the kids can improve their behaviour on the lead up to Christmas!)
Santa will then pose for a selfie with the children (please make sure you know how to do a screenshot on your mobile device)

Please note- times are approximate... please allow up to half an hour before or after your booking time as Santa doesn't like to rush these very important calls!!)

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